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James and Francille met in Oregon and were married in November 29, 1962. Neither of us were Christians at the time. We became a little involved in the Mormon religion but not for long. I started my own gyppo logging business at a young age of 27. My first attempt was a failure because of trying to work with old dilapidated equipment. But the second attempt turned out totally different working with new equipment. Then about this time our lives started changing drastically due to a young man from Oklahoma named Orville Tadlock. Francille and her brother Butch had gone to high school with him. Orville was the son of alcoholic parents who was put up for adoption by some Christians. In the process of events, Orville had become saved and was working for a logging company called Roseburg Lumber Company. It also was in the plan of God for me to hear the gospel; and I went to work for—you guessed it—the same logging company! It didn't take him any time at all before he was preaching to me. We became good friends quickly, and Orville was a very bold outspoken man of God. Everybody throughout the company was hearing his preaching.

One Saturday morning he came by my house, and he had a Bible under his arm. He wasted no time. The first thing he said was, “Jim, you were a Mormon, right?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “If you listen to them you will die and go to hell.” This of course didn't make me very happy with him, to say the least. I thought to myself, “I will run him off the place,” which I assumed I was quite capable of doing. But it turned out I wasn't. I could not bring myself to do so because I knew he was telling me the gospel truth and furthermore I believed it.

He had the truth and preached it. Oh yeah, he told me about hell, but more importantly, he preached the good new—the resurrection of Christ Jesus. He taught me faith and repentance in the Son Of God. I have written all this in a book entitled, Great Things He Has Done, by James Lucas. (Available on, Kindle, or Google Play Books.)

Francille and I were saved on the same day, and I was led of the Lord to give my logging business away. Then on April 16th I took my four-month pregnant wife and our four children to live in Mexico for the preaching of the gospel.

Suffice it to say we have been somewhat busy for the last forty-seven years. I am quite sure that to have a site like this will be profitable for extending the Kingdom of God.